The International EPR (ESR) Society

has been an internationally active group since its inception in 1989. The Society aims to stimulate scientific development of electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR), also known as electron spin resonance (ESR) spectroscopy, facilitate communication among EPR (ESR) researchers, and encourage the use of EPR (ESR) techniques across a wide variety of research fields. The Society maintains a large database of members who are active in EPR (ESR) research.

Our members are sent a copy of a newsletter three times a year through the post. This gives a real sense of community, and is a great way for our sponsors to advertise. The newsletter is available online with one copy a year free to non-subscribers too. We also run the IEPRS X account.

At many conferences, especially themed around magnetic resonance,  the society presents awards for EPR research in the form of poster prizes. We also present Medals to senior investigators, the John Weil Young Investigator Award and two annual prizes for best papers.

If you would like to advertise a position or for equipment (to acquire, or have available) please email the Secretary.

If you have an idea for an article, or would like to contribute one for the Newsletter, please contact the Editor or the Secretary.

Our work is possible through the benefaction of our generous sponsors, please visit their pages. If you would like to sponsor us, please be in touch with a member of the committee.

Upcoming Meetings
Joint ENC-ISMAR 2025 conference in Asilomar
Asia-Pacific EPR/ESR Symposium 2024 (APES2024)
Advances in Magnetic Resonance Workshop
Spin Chemistry Meeting 2024 (SCM)
XIIth Conference of the European Federation of EPR groups (EFEPR)
30th International Conference on Magnetic Resonance in Biological Systems (ICMRBS)
63rd Rocky Mountain Conference on Analytical Chemistry
20th European Magnetic Resonance Congress (Euromar)
More Meetings
Congratulations to Shiny Maity (UC Santa Barbara) and Andrea Eggeling
The conference season has started! We proudly awarded two poster
The IES stands in solidarity with the Israeli people, who
Dear Members of the IES,   I am glad to announce the
ISMAR 2023 Poster Prize
Marina Dajka Free University Berlin Germany
RMC 2023 Poster Prizes
Roxanna Martinez Colorado State University “Investigating the Role of Nuclear Spin Patterning
Best paper award for 2023
Best paper award for 2023 goes to Paolo Cleto Bruzzese
RSC 2023 Poster Prizes
Valerie Mertens ETH Zurich , Sweetland “Correlating Dipolar Frequencies in Orthogonal Three-Spin
EPR 2023 Poster Prizes
Robine Cleirbaut, University of Antwerp , Belgium ” EPR characterization of the
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