On-Line Activities

AGM 2022

View IES AGM slides in SCM Aug 31st 2022 here

AGM 2021

View IES AGM in ISMAR-APNMR Aug 24th 2021 here

AGM 2020

View IES AGM Europe/Asia Nov 4th 2020 here

View IES AGM Europe/US Nov 5th 2020 here


International Virtual EPR Meeting (IVEM)

Originally an informal initiative by PhD students in EPR spectroscopy around the world, the International Virtual EPR Meetings offer a forum of scientific exchange among young researchers in the COVID-19 era that has led to a lockdown of research labs in nearly every country. It aims to maintain, strengthen and extend the EPR community around the world – a goal that is desirable also when now that the health crisis is over.

How it works

A young researcher presents recent advances in EPR or related fields, followed by extensive open discussions.

The meetings are held via Zoom. If you are interested in listening in or getting an invitation to speak, please contact the IVEM committee listed here:

All infos can be found on the IVEM website:


Stay tuned: Follow @EPR_ESR on Twitter.

All IVEM speakers are invited to submit synopses of their IVEM talks (together with their photos) to the IVEM committee  for publication in the EPR newsletter edited by Laila Mosina!

Many recorded IVEM talks can be found on the IVEM YouTube channel


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