Statement of the Executive Board of the IES in Solidarity with the People of Israel

The IES stands in solidarity with the Israeli people, who have endured the devastating trauma of attacks from Hamas that resulted in the tragic loss of thousands of innocent lives. These citizens are still reeling from the horrors instigated by extremists and their influential backers, whose ultimate aim is the annihilation of Israel. Our hearts also go out to the Palestinian people, whose lives have been uprooted by Hamas, and who are unfortunately being used as human shields against the defensive actions of Israel.


We express our deep frustration at the politicians who have either directly or indirectly enabled terrorists, all while benefiting personally. It is disheartening to witness certain individuals hastily draw false equivalencies and engage in hypocritical judgment. Every nation, when threatened, has a right to defend its citizens.


At the same time, it is a grave misinterpretation to assume that advocating for the rights of the Palestinian people is incompatible with supporting the safety of Israelis, who are under the threat of rocket attacks targeting innocent civilians. The IES condemns terrorism in all its forms and any leadership that deprives its citizens of a secure future.


We urge the global community to approach this issue with empathy, humility, and understanding. Before forming opinions, it’s essential to listen and learn. The IES is committed to supporting research initiatives that benefit both Israelis and Palestinians, particularly those united against common adversaries like Hamas.

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