Why Become a Member of International EPR/ESR Society (IES)?

IES is the only international scientific organization that represents the whole range of important research fields of electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy and EPR imaging (EMRI). These methods are used as the main research tools over a very wide range of fields, including physics, chemistry, life sciences, materials research and medicine.

The aims of IES are

  • to promote interactions among scientists in different fields of magnetic resonance,
  • to encourage interdisciplinary explorations,
  • to inform readers about forthcoming dedicated EPR schools, local and international symposia on EPR and related fields, with emphasis to encourage young scientists to participate,
  • to make use of existing exchange opportunities between eminent EPR laboratories.

IES is a world-wide association of scientists, active in the fields of EPR spectroscopy, medical applications of EMRI, and development of related methodologies and technologies. Today, IES has a large number of eminent members from many countries throughout the world.

The IES mailing list serves the community to help spread EPR-related information (jobs, post-doc and PhD positions, conferences, etc.). It provides public networking, available to IES members, where one can post messages via the EPR Newsletter (EPRNL), the official IES publication organ. EPRNL not only provides information on the availability of second-hand EPR instrumentation, it also publishes advertisements of prominent manufacturers of EPR instrumentation.

Members of IES have free access to the EPRNL, which publishes four issues per year, that reach the members both via on-line editions or via regular mail, informing them about the recent developments in EPR spectroscopy and important news about the EPR community at-large. Furthermore, hot-topics of EPR spectroscopy are adequately covered regularly in EPRNL by top-notch experts to up-date your knowledge and experience relevant to your own research and teaching.

IES also awards prizes and honors for outstanding contributions to EPR spectroscopy, such as the prestigious IES fellowships and IES gold and silver medals, as well as the IES young-investigator awards to excellent young people, below the age of 35 years, at the post-doctoral level. The newly created IES poster prizes honor excellent young scientists and PhD students for their contributions to international EPR conferences. All these achievements are also reported in EPRNL.

We cordially invite you to become a member of IES, to keep IES active and responsive to the ever emerging field of EPR spectroscopy. The member fees are encouragingly low: $6/year for students, $12/year for emeritus and post-doctoral fellows, and $36/year for full members.

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