Walker Scientific Electromagnet

I have a Walker Scientific HF-12H Electromagnet available for donation. The magnet has 12″ diameter flat pole faces and a 4.5 inch gap. It has a standard H-frame style yoke that rests on a cradle that positions the yoke at a 45 degree angle typical for EPR. The magnet is 30 years old and was always used with a closed, deionized water cooling system.

Contact John McCracken  517 151-1159

Wanted: parts of or complete Bruker X-Band microwave unit

Badly needed certain parts of, or even a complete Bruker X-Band microwave unit from the mid-seventies, the one which came with the Bruker B-ER 420 system. Particularly, the klystron heating and protection board, B-E-Z 10.

Please contact Prof. Dr. Wolfgang E. Trommer, Department of Chemistry, TU Kaiserslautern, P.O.Box 3049, D-67653 Kaiserslautern, Germany. E-mail:

Wanted: Used Electromagnet and Power Supply

Bridge12 is looking to purchase a used electromagnet and power supply for x-band EPR spectroscopy. Please contact Thorsten Maly, Bridge12 Technologies, Inc., Framingham, MA USA, at if you have a magnet available. US location preferred.

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