Howard J. Halpern

Professor Howard J. Halpern has been awarded the IES Fellowship for 2023 in recognition of his seminal contributions to the field of EPR over the past several decades. His work has focused on the development of tools that enabled the quantitative measurement and imaging of crucial molecular aspects of mammalian physiology, particularly the measurement and imaging of molecular oxygen levels. Unlike the prevailing trends of developing higher frequency EPR, he recognized that low magnetic fields and RF frequencies were necessary for human application. In addition, he stimulated the development of synthetic techniques that eased the difficult production of optimal soluble pO2-sensitive spin probes. He applied spin lattice relaxation imaging to significantly improve in vivo pO2 quantification to physiologically useful levels. Through his work, Dr. Halpern has been a leading figure in the growth of a new subfield, EPR imaging for clinical applications. The International EPR (ESR) Society is honored to name Professor Howard J. Halpern as a Fellow of the Society in recognition of his distinguished contributions to the field of EPR.

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