November 19, 2020 - November 20, 2020
Webinar dedicated to Dante Gatteschi on occasion of his 75th Birthday
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  • 19 November

    14:30-14:50 Greetings from Paola Fattibene (GIRSE President – ISS) &

    Greeting from Sabine Van Doorslaer (EFEPR President – Univ. of Antwerp)

    14:50-15:20 Marco Affronte (Univ. of Modena and Reggio Emilia)

    15:20-15:50 Lapo Bogani (Univ. Oxford)

    15:50-16:00 Greeting fromKev M. Salikhov ‘Special Issue as present to Dante’ (Editor-in-Chief of Applied Magnetic Resonance, Zavoisky Physical-Technical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences)

    16:00-16:30 Francesco Di Benedetto (Univ. of Florence)

    16:30-17:00 Etienne Goovaerts (Univ. of Antwerp)


    20 November

    14:30-15:00 Lorenzo Sorace (Univ. of Florence)

    15:00-15:15 Greetings from Elio Giamello (Univ. of Turin)

    15:15-15:45 Joris van Slageren (Univ. of Stuttgart)

    15:45-16:00 Greeting from Roberta Sessoli (Univ. Of Florence)

    16:00-16:30 Anne-Laure Barra (LNCMI-CNRS)

    16:30-17:00 Mario Chiesa (Univ. of Turin)  

    17:00-17:10 Concluding remarks


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