Call for the 2019 Anatole Abragam Prize

The 2019 Anatole Abragam Prize will be awarded at the 21st ISMAR Conference
in Berlin, August
25‐30, 2019. Candidates are eligible within seven years of completing
their PhD (excluding career delays due to child birth, illness and other
special family circumstances), and can be nominated by any Regular Member
or Fellow of ISMAR. The recipient is selected by the ISMAR Prize Committee
on the basis of evidence of novel and significant contributions to magnetic
resonance. Preference is given to nomineeswho have made their own original
and independent contributions to experimental or conceptual aspects of
magnetic resonance, beyond work performed with their research supervisors.

This is an opportunity to recognize a gifted early-career scientist,
perhaps one of your former students, recent postdocs, or current
colleagues. Please submit nominations by e‐mail to the ISMAR Secretary
General, Alexey Jerschow, at [email protected].

Nominations must be received by MARCH 1, 2019 and should include
the following documents, assembled into a single pdf file:

• Nomination letter (maximum of two pages)
• At least one seconding letter (maximum of two pages). No more than two
seconding letters
should be submitted.
• Curriculum vitae of the nominee (including any career delays or
extenuating circumstances
impacting productivity)
• List of publications and scientific presentations by the nominee.

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