Thomas Schmidt (JW Award)



2021 IES Young Investigator John Weil Award


Dr. Thomas Schmidt



The John-Weil Young Investigator Award for 2021 is awarded to Dr. Thomas Schmidt for his contributions to the field of isotope labeling of proteins for distance measurements by pulsed Double Electron Electron Resonance (DEER). He has published an original publication on phase memory time, Tm, edited DEER methodology that allows for transverse relaxation aided distance assignment of pulsed DEER data by relying on a localized chemical environment-dependent relaxation of spin labels via amino acid specific protonation of methyl groups in an otherwise deuterated background. The implementation of this novel technique in conjunction with two-dimensional singular value decomposition analysis allowed for the differentiation and assignment of dipolar distances in proteins. This approach promises to be generally applicable to help address important challenges of DEER based distance measurements of protein complexes. Dr. Thomas Schmidth has also characterized the HIV-1 reverse transcriptase maturation pathway and its conformational changes using advanced structure calculations and EPR methods. The outstanding research contributions of Dr. Thomas Schmidt to the field of EPR is evidenced by multiple original research contributions to the field of EPR to advance protein structure studies and to biomedical science in general. As a junior scientist, he is already a vital contributor to a vibrant, new scientific field, and his careful and persistent research has led, and is likely to continue to lead, to meaningful advances in addressing pivotal questions in biology and medical science, as evidenced by more than 500 citations of his work.


The International EPR (ESR) Society is wishing Thomas well in his scientific pursuits and is looking forward to seeing his continued contributions to advance science for years to come.

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