Stefan Stoll




2021 IES Silver Medal for Instrumentation and Methods


Prof. Stefan Stoll


Professor Stefan Stoll is hereby recognized for his seminal contributions to computational EPR spectroscopy and analysis. As a graduate student, Professor Stoll conceived of and initiated the development of the first generally applicable package for simulating and fitting EPR data. The result, EasySpin, enjoys continued expansion and is now a mainstay of the field of EPR and an essential tool used by virtually all modern EPR laboratories around the world. Remarkably, Professor Stoll has invested significant effort and resources into making EasySpin a freely available and accessible tool, while he continues to contribute to dissemination of this important software tool through regular and ongoing training workshops for spectroscopists of all backgrounds, as well as regular and continued upgrades to the software packet. Professor Stoll continues to make new and innovative contributions to the field of EPR methods. Recently, he developed new theoretical tools based on Bayesian statistics for bringing rigor to the analysis of DEER experiments. Professor Stoll’s ongoing research, along with his development of EasySpin, set a standard of high-quality science and leadership fully befitting the IES Silver Medal.

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