Gunnar Jeschke

The IES Gold Medal for 2023 is being awarded to Professor Gunnar Jeschke in recognition of his numerous and impactful contributions to pulse EPR spectroscopy. Throughout his career, Prof. Jeschke has made creative, original, and innovative advancements in the field, particularly in dipolar EPR spectroscopy. His research has helped the field achieve higher sensitivity and resolution through the development of novel pulse sequences in hyperfine spectroscopy and dipolar EPR spectroscopy. He has also pioneered methods and applications of shaped pulses that helped establish a new set of pulse EPR techniques. Furthermore, his novel analysis and modeling approaches in dipolar EPR spectroscopy have been transformative in leveraging EPR for answering important questions in biophysics and structural biology. Prof. Jeschke has been instrumental in educating the next generation of EPR spectroscopists through multiple EPR schools and other tutorial occasions, as well as through his significant monograph on pulse EPR spectroscopy. The International EPR (ESR) Society is proud to honor the influential and distinguished work of Professor Gunnar Jeschke by awarding him the Gold Medal for 2023.

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