Christiane Timmel

For her seminal contribution to advancing the field of EPR for Chemistry applications through groundbreaking research, education of next generation researchers, innovative instrumentation and leadership as an advocate for the EPR community and technology. She established EPR as a gold standard technique for exploration of fundamental Spin Chemistry studies, as demonstrated with her seminal contributions from magnetoreception to spintronics. Timmel brought the quantum hypothesis to the forefront in the magnetoreception debate with the demonstration that radical pairs are fit for purpose as chemical compasses and light induced radical pairs in cryptochromes found in birds’ retinae are magnetosensitive, and established EPR-derived approaches of spin delocalization and prediction with the discovery that the delocalization of triplet and doublet spins in a series of supramolecular complexes is key to the function of molecular electronics to molecular wires. As a pioneer in her field, an inspiring educator, and a beloved mentor, tirelessly serving her community, she is highly deserving of this recognition.

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