Bernard Gallez

Prof. Bernard Gallez is hereby recognized with the Silver Medal in Biology/Medicine for his outstanding research and service to the International EPR Community. His longstanding contributions are to the field of in vivo EPR spectroscopy since the early 1990s and continuing to the present time. He made seminal contributions to the field of characterizing the tumor microenvironment (physiologic and metabolic) using EPR methods in mouse models of human cancer. Work from his pre-clinical research has advanced the understanding of the tumor microenvironmental features determining the aggressiveness of the tumor, informing the choice of treatments and developing imaging biomarkers monitoring treatment response. He has been able to translate his pre-clinical research to clinical research, especially in melanoma characterization. His research comprises of EPR instrumentation development, designing biocompatible paramagnetic probes to report on pO2, pH, redox status and reactive oxygen species in live experimental animals, and the cross validation of the EPR approaches with clinical imaging tools, including MRI and PET. Bernard Gallez is also a dedicated educator and mentor to students and young researchers. The International EPR (ESR) Society is proud to honor Professor Bernard Gallez for his distinguished contributions to the society.

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