f-Element Molecular Magnetism / EPR Postdoctoral Opportunity @ NHMFL

The position is funded by the US Department of Energy program “Materials and Chemical Sciences Research for Quantum Information Science”. The project, titled “Molecular f-Element Qubits with Controllable Quantum Coherence and Entanglement”, is led by Stefan Minasian at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), with collaborators at UC Berkeley and the MagLab. Work at the MagLab involves application of advanced high-field/frequency pulsed EPR methods to the study of molecular lanthanide and actinide complexes with a view to their potential use in quantum information science applications. The successful applicant would have access to world-class facilities and an outstanding network of collaborators.


Expectations include a willingness to learn new techniques and concepts, and an ability to contribute intellectually to the Department of Energy Project that will fund the position. Primary duties include: (i) operating advanced instrumentation at the MagLab and collecting EPR data on samples provided by collaborators, primarily molecular magnetic lanthanide and actinide complexes; (ii) spearheading efforts aimed at analyzing and interpreting the results of these experiments; and (iii) developing drafts of manuscripts describing this work, with a view to publication in leading journals. Funds are available within the project (and from other sources) that will allow travel to present research outcomes at regional, national and international conferences. The successful candidate is expect to be able to work independently, whilst also recognizing that they will be part of a larger collaborative team involving immediate group members, MagLab scientists and external collaborators.



Stephen Hill


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