Research Fellow in Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) Spectroscopy

We have a 3 year postdoctoral research fellow position in EPR spectroscopy, available in the Pliotas Lab ( in the Astbury Centre (, at University of Leeds. The BBSRC-funded project involves the application of PELDOR/DEER distance measurements (Qband) on spin labelled protein complexes to elucidate their mechanism and dynamics. The application deadline is on the 7th of January 2022.

The project will involve regular trips to the national EPR facilities in Manchester consisting of Bruker cwEPR (L-, S-, X-, K- and Q-bands), pulse-EPR (X-band, 2K base temperature; Q/Sband, 2K; X-band 7K, with AWG technology) to set up and perform PELDOR/DEER experiments. The postholder will also perform PELDOR/DEER distance restrained Molecular Dynamics, using the Arc3&4 supercomputers in Leeds, complemented by CryoEM and HDX-MS measurements.

For more details on this post and how to apply please check the following link:

Interested applicants should contact directly Dr Christos Pliotas ( for informal inquiries.

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